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Need a little more space, where you can sit and work for a longer period without the distraction? Haven Focus is your go-to space for focused work. Step inside, block out the noise, and enjoy an enhanced level of concentration that boosts your productivity. Whether you’re working remotely or just need a quiet spot, this individual compact unit with a desk is your destination for distraction-free work.



Haven Focus

External Dimensions (mm)

1500W x 1295D x 2300H

Internal Dimensions (mm)

1445W x 1208D x 2170H

Floor Space (m2)


Net Weight (m2/kg)


Sound Reduction (RW+Ctr)

30dB (±5dB)

Reverberation Time (RT)

0.25 (±0.1s)

Ventilation (m3/h)



1 Person

Power Outlets

2x 10A 250V AC

USB Outlets

1x USB Type B & C

Glass Options

Clear & Switch

Table Height (mm)



Focused Tasks
Temporary Office
Study Space
Confidential Work

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